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Instant Text Condensing

Capture the essence of any text in seconds without missing any critical information.

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Quick Web Page Summaries

Just paste a link and let our AI extract the main points for you in moments.

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On Demand Youtube Video Summaries

Skip to the good parts of any tutorial or informational video with our concise summaries.

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Summarize PDF's

Save time going through large PDF's by getting the most important points. This feature is experimental and only available through the website for now, and you'll need your own Open AI API Key.

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Summarize on your iPhone Instantly

Wherever you are on your iPhone just use the Summarize Shortcut Action to Summarize anything you need system wide

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Summarize Quick Actions on Chrome

Use the Summarize Chrome extension Quick Actions to Summarize, text, url's and youtube videos with just ONE CLICK.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Unfortunately this app is not free due to the pricing of OpenAI API's which has some cost as well as server costs. We've got a free trial for Chrome users and the iOS Version is paid.

  • We currently support iOS and Chrome Appstore only. Other platforms are coming soon.

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